Friday, September 25, 2009

Let's get to the "Cuts!"

One way or the other let's quit screwing around and make the final cuts.

Part of the reason we are not gelling is that it's the last game of pre-season and we still have 4-5 extra players hanging around.

The Eastern Conference is getting tougher and we are not! Chris Neil is going to get seriously hurt fighting the "Big Fellas". He is a slow light heavy throwing off a bad knee!...and he likes to stay up and take it!

Brian Lee if you are going to slow down and let the attacker have the puck in the corner ya gotta at least pin the guy on the boards...ya can't let him come out with the puck!

Carkner gets the opener and Toronto with Campy! (I'd bring up Yabs but they wont!)

The "Caboose" done!

Alf has to tell Milan it's "Showtime!" This is hockey country everyone knows when you float!

Kovy gets #43 and #71 whether he likes it or not.

CC tell 'em if you are not scoring..."Quit farting around with the puck and shoot!"

Note: Watch the PUP he knows what to do!

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