Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Puck Daddy picks us "Eleventh!"

Puck Daddy, with a lot of outside advice, picks us, the SENS, eleventh; assisted by the 6th Sens. WTF were you thinking Tim? Graeme were you guys drinking that morning?

Puck Daddy is handicapped because he has absolutely no personal power of observation and like McGuire, bases his picks on someone else's hearsay.

Ya gotta look at what is going on at the training camps...we are going to have three home growns make our starting roster. Other GMs are completing their teams with East Coast Leaguers or they are so bloated they are giving away "Kessels".

Give the SENS MGMT TEAM their due, they are the best in the East, they have only one minor problem left (#41). Burkie's a joke...ya build with picks ya jerk...Chiarelli is too smart by half...Gainey has gone over the wall...D'Arcy is good manager no resourses.

Boys...if the "Stud" combo (The PUNCHMAN and the PUP) works were in second place in the East...if they blow we still finish 7th. And ya ,you can "Book it!"


  1. Good.

    Three things the Sens must do.

    1. Exceed low expectations.
    2. Beat the Leafs.
    3. Repeat (2.)

  2. You might wanna do some re-reading before calling people out. Puck Daddy's "prediction" according to you is where the Senators finished LAST YEAR

    "Last Season's Ad Copy: Eleventh in the Eastern Conference"

    They haven't been making seeding predictions in their previews.

  3. ^ You beat me to it.

    Wrt this season, PuckDaddy concluded:

    "...the Senators will battle the Canadiens and Sabres for a playoff berth (assuming the Leafs don't muscle their way into shocking the conference)"

  4. SCSC:

    I stand corrected but...Habs 8; Leafs 9; Sabres 10; Sens = Eleventh!