Saturday, September 26, 2009

My mom was not a Hockey Mom!

My mom was not a Hockey Mom, she was a skater (in those days you didn't say "Fancy " skater). She had a brother, who had a cup of coffee with the New York Americans and my God Father , who was a big tough City League Defenceman...she told me...her and her sister (my Aunt) were the two best Hockey Players in the family.

One night, and she only ever did it once, she didn't like the way my coach was using me so she came down out of the stands at the old Auditorium, told my coach (who was a fair chunk of a lad) that if he didn't put me on the ice with #2 he would find himself out on the ice face down. Note: There was no barrier between the coach and the box seats in those days.

Of course I couldn't look I thought she was goin' to give him one. I think I played like 12 minutes in the third period. It was cool cause people didn't do that in those not so much.

Never under estimate Mom never walk alone!

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