Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ya can't have too many DEFENCEMEN!

As I advocated at the Draft and as in any team situation...Ya can't have too many DEFENCEMEN!

Kuba misses tomorow night lower body...Volchy the other night; our smaller men play big but it's murder on the body!

Our MGMT Team may have to re-think our only 21 rule...the way we are structured D-man wise, I would roll through 7 guys and cary Carkner as the swing man forward. The presence of Lee and Carkner up with big club will also foster some good internal competition.

This is tough to admit...because we are so old and small on D we shall incur our share of "man games lost"!

PS: That's why a big, young buck like Alexandre Picard is so valuable...


  1. Alexandre Picard is as valuable as a 3 dollar bill


  2. Picard would be more valuable if he'd use his size. Alas, he does not... and never will.....

  3. P:

    Ye shall be proved wrong. He is just starting to feel his "oats"...a big man fully mature!