Monday, September 28, 2009

Yorkie is playing too much fall golf!

Jason if you are going to comment on training camp performances ya gotta watch some of it.

As a golfer I know that fall golf...rain golf is murder on your eyes especially a man your age.

From personal experience I know that you throw a nice meal and a beer on top of a competetive golf game... the old peepers are not ready for a hockey match on TV ...they're ready for bed.

For you to say Lee has out played anyone let alone Alexandre Picard is not accurate nor is it fair. As an old pro you must know that giving Brian Lee the last two games to show something was: 1)to up grade his performance...and 2) to placate him some what when they send him down. #55's CAP hit 1.275mill.

Note: the holding out of Picard in the late games was a vindication of his proven worth.

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