Sunday, September 6, 2009

Goalie Equipment...same old problem!

1956 the room, Boston's, I am sitting on the knee and top edge of Terry Sawchuk's "Box Pad"they bearly come over his knee, his hockey pants are tapered to pinch at his knee (the style), his square blocker is marginally larger than a reguler hockey glove, his trapper and remember he's the best in the league...maybe the best ever at catching the puck is about the same size as mine and I am a nine year old first sacker in Little League.

The problem...Glen Hall, the man who has displaced him in Detroit, is one of the first butterfly goalies, his goal pads are much larger in width and go way up beyond his knee, his blocker is larger, his trapper is huge by the standard of the day and his hockey pants are a size maybe two too large (the butterfly).

Because Hall is playing so well and every kid in hockey is imitating him, the veteran goal tenders ask for a those days you simply asked the referee (there was only one and he ran the game.) to include your question on the game sheet...50 years later we are still waiting for the answer?