Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hockey fights!

"When your enemy is stronger...larger...maneuver away to fight another day". Sun Tzu

Should your enemy start the fight with his stick between your legs, giving you a rather large thrust to the jewells...keep your stick and fall straight down faking serious injury because initially you don't know how bad you are hurt. Even if you are not the smaller man you are in no position to go on the offencive. Example: Chris Neil's opening left hook was countered by a "Cork screw" of the stick between his legs and left him vulnerable to the counter attack. Now if you are in against that "2nd biggest of Bruins" (fight wise) it is complete suiside.. Chris could have been knocked off stride and "Cold cocked" as was the case.

Now to continue to stand up with this man, no matter how galent, after taking a shot in the balls and a straight right to the eye, was tempting death or serious head trauma.

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