Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alex Picard...take Two!

Alexandre Picard 6'2" and 210; really is 6'2" and 210lbs...24 years old. That's big meat on our blue line, he is just maturing into his strength...a powerfull man...maybe our most powerfull.

He can run, with Chris Campoli, your second power play...he can set it up, make a pass, ya know what I mean the man can play his position. It's been so long since we had a "D"-man who plays well positionally, we don't recognize it! I'd like to bring him to your "BeerLeague" practice for a little up close!

When our big DEFENCE arrives, in a year or so...Picard will be for us what Beauchemin was to the Ducks.

PS: Just for your information and edification our older men are falling apart!


  1. I don't know that minor bumps and precautionary scratches from pre-season games indicates that our 'older men' are falling apart, Mr. Nik. In fact, it was your young buck who was plagued by injury last year.
    Picard does deserve a fair shot though, if he's half as amazing as you claim, we might all be in for a treat.

  2. Derrick:

    See it for what it is...our bigger older guys play light because they know they cannot play it tough and last.

    Last year we could not play tough or well...this year our over powering forwards and a superb goalie will help these guys...but it will not be before the kids arrive on defence that we win "Stanley!"

  3. With those specs, he should be a bangin and a crashin. Don't get me started about Filipe. A guy can't get around you and score if he's on his ass, well OK so Crosby and Ovechkin probably could from there, but 99% of em can't. Picard may play well positionally but sometimes he looks unsure etc. Maybe its an experience thing, though I'm reminded of Kravchuk. He made me wince and close my eyes when he had the puck.

    I like that he isn't small and can score.

    For that he's on my opening roster. If I could tell him who to emulate, I'd pick Niklas Kronwall. Become him Alex, and you'll be a fixture on my blueline for years.

  4. To the Master:

    Trust me on this one! I have seen this man before...French and quiet...takes a little longer but solid and improving...he's a learner, he all young DEFENCEMEN ya gotta prove it to "yourself" in all situations.