Saturday, September 19, 2009

He shoots...he scores!!

Pascal has never seen a DEFENCE like ours, with the exception of #24, our D-men turn and stick battle with the attacking forwards have you ever seen the like of it! Guys this is the NHL not JR. "A"!


Fish shooting, on the net and scoring! Nothing like seeing an example.

The PUP's a keeper! He doesn't screw around shoot, shoot again...get the puck shoot again.

#17 in those funny places again...get to your point and play your position! You better not let my PUP down or you are going to hear from me!! An observation Philippé does not spend enough time in front of his own net defending...he's either leaving to go behind the net or going up ice early!

We are being treated to flashes of "Big Time Goaltending"!

Who walks the plank to keep Cheechoo this will be gut wrenching.

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