Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Les Voici" Here they are!

In the Net...Pascal "Roy" the King #33

First Pair...the "Pup" and Philippé

Second the Shut Down Pair...Philly and the "A" Train

Third Pair... Campy and the "Punchman!"

Our Captain; the Tranna Play Maker and the Speed Merchant

The Point man; the Sudbury Hardrock and Kovy

Fish; the "Rookie" and the "Caboose"

The Penalty Killer; the Pest and our "Light Heavy Weight Champion"

The Big German walks "Free"

Lee two ways to Northern New York

Picard is a Black Ace to start

Zack gets Binghamton Time

Chum starts his coaching career

And...and I just talked to Bingo...Yabs would love to join Carkner for the Toronto game...the Limo is on me...I'll drive...can Cheechoo fight???

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