Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brian Lee will be back!

Ladies and Gentlemen...this is the Show. Senator's MGMT does not tinker with, bamboozle or trade NHL ready DEFENCEMEN. (We hope.)

1) The SENs have had two older guys hurt in the pre-season.

2) Matt Carkner will play himself to the wing after the Leaf game.

3) In the NHL... forwards walk the plank before DEFENCEMEN...#10 to coach and #18 to the wire and on to Bingo.

4)Brian Lee @$1.275 new and improved will be back and Alexandre Picard @.8, who will be rock solid and simply "Dazzle" the so called experts and they shall be covered off by the IR on the CAP.

5) DEFENCEMEN are like the King's ("Roy"#33) Guard, they are pieces of gold...keep 'em around you, don't spend 'em! Sun Szu.


  1. No chance your name is Ed, is it? Very similar writing styles.

  2. My God Father was an Ed.

    I am Sun Szu.

    Who is your Ed?