Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yorkie's X's and O's?

Jason, I know we played in different leagues and in a different era BUT...

1) Your top line and top (1st) pair draws the opponent's checkers and shut down pair.

2) Your checkers and 2nd or shut down pair draws their big line.

3) Your 3rd pair plays against their 2nd line, normally on good teams a pretty good offencive line. These guys are average size...that's why they are the second line.

4) Everyone, all D-men face the "Bangers" about once a game cause they only play 6 minutes.

Note: Alex Picard is going to surprise even you...excluding the Punchman, Alexandre is the most powerfull D-man we have and @ 24 years of age he is just maturing into his full size and will start to knock some heads...he is a big tough Picard, he has a standard to live up to.

PS: I know you played with Chara and that scews everything some what but the "Big Z" doesn't play here anymore!


  1. out of curiosity, nik: how do you explain Picard starting as a healthy scratch? I like him too and I think he has big upside, but not many people seem to agree.

  2. fds

    Picard starts game 3 vs the Islanders; CC wants Carkner to play D against the Leafs. The Leaf's kids will give #39 a taste of the SHOW...he will reciprikate with a taste of the "A" but it will be his last game on Defence.