Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Steve Lloyd...Broadcaster

Lloydy stop trying to masquerade as an analyst, I know you played for the Carleton Place "C" Dogs but give us all a break, you are best when you are parroting some one else's observation.

1) If you out play everyone at camp ya don't get sent down. Money or no money!

2) You have never seen let alone played with a positional player as good as Picard, he will be in the line up and playing for game three vs the Islanders.

3)Broadcasters are supposed to report the facts...not opinions!


  1. Carleton Place doesn't have a "C" team, Nik.

    They have the Junior B Kings. I should know... I also played for them.

    While I agree with you on most things, you of all people should figure out exactly what point you're trying to make, and then post facts to back it up.

    Just my opinion...

    Rob R.

  2. Rob:

    Was Lloydy good enough to play Jr. "B" for C.P.

  3. Nik - that I can't answer, as I'm not sure when he played.

    I apologize for the mini-outburst yesterday - I was at work and in a sh!tty mood.

    Rob R.