Friday, September 18, 2009

"Ifs!" 2nd Place or 9th!

If Ryan Shannon can cary our second line from the "Center" position and "Erik" makes the team and runs the Power Play, we got a second place club. People will laugh at our "highest paid 3rd line ever in the history of the NHL" but they will absolutely dominate from that position...something like what the Ducks checking line did to us in the SCFs of 07.

However if Fish is forced into his old role and Philippé and Lee have to try and run the Power Play we're 9th and failing!

Note: If Carlsson can some how stay with the Big Club it puts the DEFENCE back into the Correct Order of Peck...#4 and #24 together. Mr. Kuba as a 2 in the top pair and not trying to be a #1 which he isn't... etc...etc...

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