Saturday, December 3, 2011

Top Six "Duds!"

Jason is getting pretty tired of playing short handed. So give Condra a shot at Left Wing and move the Cyborg to Right Wing. Rest #21 and put Butts back on the 4th line. Zack needs Neil as a picker upper! The "Daug"switches sides.

Phillips looks tired...

Jared had more minutes than "Karl"...

Andy is learning how to play behind our DEFENCE! We just haven't perfected it yet.

Rundblad is a cool dude...even Karl cannot rattle him.

Coach Paul, we need a swing coach. High and wide, high and wide, high and wide after awhile ya gotta get tired of finding your ball in the bush...shoot the crest (and it goes in the top corner) or even better keep it down and on the net where you get a rebound the best pass in hockey! Paul,ya gotta bring it to their attention.

Contrary to what that simpleton Healy thinks (read Jane Healy's book "Endangered Minds!") this is a very good young team. We need one more big time top six forward to raise every one's production!


  1. Boring game. Appart from some excitement supplied by the young Swedes, this was a snoozer. The Paulrus better light a fire under them and yeah, get them working on hitting the net. I also agree that a real top line winger with Spez would be great. He doesn't have a lot to work with right now.

  2. I think Neil nedds to go back in the pressbox, its call accepting a pass not tipping it to the other team and falling down.


  3. Oman:

    How we break the boring trap is with two big lines and Zack's putting that 1-3-1 in their own end for extended periods of time but in order to do this Jason's line still needs a "Stud" on right wing.

  4. P

    Sometimes that shin/ankle thing takes awhile and it effects your timing/speed/co-ordination.. I agree the kids gotta see Neil handle the puck better because he looks so inept with his chips/pass receptions at times.