Monday, December 5, 2011

"I'm tired!"

I'm tired of watching tired old defencemen being over played late in the game because of some precieved minor error by one of our "youngins!" To our D-Coach, play 'em all,'s the smart play! Plus you are killin' our old guys!

Jason is tired of playing with out two top six wingers!

Andy is getting pretty tired of our total team DEFENCE, especially in the second period the long change has not been mastered yet!

Coach Paul is tired of being over penalized, that "fantom" call every game.

I'm tired of Greg Millen trying to tell me that it all evens out over 82 poo...

I'm tired of Gordie Wilson telling me the Refs are the same for every team no big market bias...have we forgotten the Zebra management in New York early in the year when the Rangers were floundering...and the Tranna bias is a joke...even in Boston 4 PPs to 1. And then with the game over 4-1 Boston, Tranna gets the late tripping call to even it  a little bit...this goes on every game folks.

I'm tired of us not getting the "HomeCall!"

I'm tired of waiting for #13 it's too bad but even if you do come back without surgery, at this level ya never come all the way back from multiple shoulder hurts.

I'm tired of Nikita Filatov, he's too slow to react, not in 200' shape, makes too much money in the "Bigs" to be developed there and is simply not strong enough yet. Do everyone a favour send him home.

I'm tired of Bob Butler, with the exception of 7 minutes 4 games ago, his play has "Stunk!" Butts you are out of  "sync" with Jason and "Cy" ya find their groove out there and it's not retreating to our end all the a little, hang around and then bust your butt getting's also a much more effectively timed back check.

I'm tired of the 1-3-1 or as I call it the 1-4 "Gap Eight Goal Line DEFENCE"! Remember Detroit, ya need a wedge buster run in conjunction with a strategic pick at their Blueline...the Refs will call you once because you are Ottawa but should leave you alone after that.

I'm tired of Tranna, Detroit and Boston running picks all over the ice and never getting called. I was listening to a radio game out west when in the third period the Announcer says: "Finally, with the game out of hand, Detroit gets called for a pick at the offencive Blueline. They have done it on every dangerous rush since the opening face off!

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