Saturday, December 17, 2011

Don't shoot the "Daug!"

Big win! Well done Alex!

But Tuesday we get everyone back, young and old, forward and defence, big salary and bigger salary.

The "Daug" on a two way looks like the odd man's not fair but Butts makes a million dollars so there is an unofficial law that says guys on a one way, who make over a million, don't get sent down at xmas.

I'd keep Lee in his familiar spot in the press box and give "Davey" 20 games in the "A"...remedial training.

School is still out on #13's shoulder...

Neiler is very valuable but ya can't let him take 4-6 minutes in minor penalties every game...he doesn't seem to take anyone with him any more...if you know what I mean, he usta get the other guy to take a penalty...

"Andy" was having just too much fun on the bench just watching tonight...

or how about the straight merit principle...

#14; #19; #11

#13; #71; #9

#22; #15; #23

#18; #28; #25

#4; #55

#2; #65

#17; #39

#41; #35


  1. I hope they go with merit. Butts is in a big slump that probably won't go away till next season, if ever. I hope he gets it back but slumps seem to be a difficult thing to crawl out of.

  2. PvR:

    Seen guys like Butts, big time talent all the up, the focal point of their line throughout their career...get to the pros and have no idea how to play with their line mates...ya gotta learn that @ what ever level ya hit the wall!

  3. Butler can't skate- if he could keep up with his linemates the skill would show.

  4. Pontifex:

    You have a point there because he sure has a problem getting involved with his line mates.