Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thanks Eugene!

Just like Alfie says:"Thanks Eugene!" But what a way to welcome the new score clock.

"Andy" your brutal! Catch the puck or cheat to the far post, do something...

Neil has got ZacK dumbed down to where he has lost all his creativity, they, the Bingo line, got one shift and looked pretty good. Note: ZacK scored on a line change.

"Karl" you are sleeping...

Not a big fan of the "Big Line!"

Turris, you are looking good but it's time to do something...

Montreal has not broke a stick in 2-3 games, we break 3-4 a game. What gives??

Our PP break it up and throw it away...start over again...

We are playing like a team that has a playoff spot wrapped up with 45 games to go...


  1. Nik:

    It looked like a "turkey hangover". Yuk. Hopefully the tryptophan wears off, and they go back to looking like the team BEFORE the holidays.

    BTW, "Smurfs" are meant to be crushed.


  2. JL

    The "Smurfs", lead by Cole were pretty fiesty...from the 400s ya see all the garbage all over the ice the Habs are just plain dirty...the back Ref looks up ice and pretends he has seen "nothing"'s like a cartoon...the SENs got frustrated.