Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where is the secondary scoring?

Put the "Daug" back on the Bingo Line for just enough finish to do the job!

Jason uses Alfie differently, he seems to give him the puck early and often, lets him lug it and tires him out on every shift. Leave #11 with #71 the ones.

Take Alfie off the point on the PP, go with five D and just use Rundblad on the PP ONLY!

I want Chara on a bad paw!

Tits Thomas' luck has got to run out one of these games vs us.

Carks doesn't have to give it to Lucic but he's got to set him straight early..."You go over my goalie and I'm goin' over you from behind stick first!"

I think we may just have enough to take 'em all on tonight and by the time it gets to "Cy" and Nickie they should draw some pretty edible meat!

The DOT shall be a big factor tonight.

I think we got a shot!

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