Saturday, December 17, 2011


Coach Paul, who has seen as much of Kyle Turris as anyone, likes the guy...a lot!

#91 the mirror image of our #19, likes to shoot the puck. Both Alfie and Nick like this ...a lot!

Bryan Murray likes the fact that he again has a contender...a lot!

I feel for Davey Rundblad but I like Kyle Turris...a lot!

Merit Principle! Good teams have great lines...

14,19,9 Jason's 9mm Cyborgs!

71,7,11 the FTA!

22,15,23 the Bingo Line!

18,13,25 the "Huff and Puff Line!"






  1. Nik:

    Turris +'s:
    - won gold with Canada World Juniors in 2008 (has won a championship at some level);
    - has been well scouted by Sens coach (knows what sort of player he is getting on the ice);
    - talented kid with lots of upside; new city and coach could unlock potential;
    - showed up when Yotes went to playoffs (small sample size though);

    Turris -'s:
    - inconsistent play so far in league; potential hardly realized;
    - clashed with coach; held out on GM (attitude problems);
    - came into league without having played in CHL (for Cdn player).

    I think Rundblad straight up would have been enough; this upcoming draft is supposed to be very deep (that second round pick could be costly).

    I also wish Rundblad would have gotten some time in the A to sharpen his game (a la Erik). But I guess, it was now or never.

    Let's hope Turris puts his time in the Desert behind him, and lives up to his 3rd overall billing. Or else, this could turn out to be a very bad trade.


  2. JL

    We needed a forward bad.

    We had 9 DEFENCEMEN in the NHL and 3 more in Bingo...Rundblad was about to be burried in the "A"...

    Let this one play out...Bryan liked Kyle's salary to start and that is a big factor this year while we try to make a buck.

  3. this will go down as ottawas second worse move ever after Chara/ Reden.


  4. P

    Opinion is running against Bryan (75% against) but at worst you run #13, #71, #91 in and out of that two hole center, heck play 'em all together...Kyle gives Jason a break and gives us a shot.

    #7 will be Ok in the dessert but here with us he was on a one way ticket to Palookaville. He isn't as good as Weircioch.

  5. Here's the thing, in terms of "potential", Rundblad and Turris are a wash. Both have huge upside "potential", both have shown uh, oh's along the way to (if ever) reaching it.
    This makes a 1 for 1 acceptable. Throwing in the 2nd, when rebuilding, just leaves a bad taste in your mouth, when there is nothing on the ice to mitigate the risk.
    Now,m in terms of D vs C, absolutely, having depth at centre is, for this club, worth more, but Turris has yet to prove he represents depth at C.
    I, for one, am happy for this trade, even if I consider it a bad trade, asset for asset, as I believe it has improved the team.
    It is a team game, and if your team is better after the trade, it doesn't matter who won in the asset swap...right?

  6. I think Sens fans have gotten so excited about prospects in the "rebuild" that they are guilty of over valuing Runblad in this deal.

    Turris' potential is much higher than Rundblad's and we needed a top 6 center in the worst way.

    The 2nd rounder hurts. Would have been great to have only given up a 3rd or a bottom 6 forward prospect, but either would have been a steal.

    I think it's a pretty even deal. Both sides are taking a gamble, and time will tell.

    But don't forget that Turris is on a good contract and he's only 21. If he starts to show his potential over 2 years, and he's fitting in well, he could be a big part of the team for years to come. For these reasons I think this is a good "rebuilding" move.

  7. Sensay:

    Right on! I just want to see Kyle out there Tuesday...the redemption of #91!

  8. I'm with you partner on this deal. If #91 can relieve the pressure on #19 by just 10% he will have done his job.

    My secret hope is that he takes Nick Foligno to another level and like Coach Paul, we don't love easy!

  9. Oman:

    Yes, I know...

    Have you seen the practice lines???