Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Experiments go on...

9mm; "Rocco"; Alfie

"Gino"; the "Shooter"; Butts

"Cy"; ZacK; Neil

Cons; Zman; "Daug"

Kuba; "Karl"

Jared; Gonch

Lee; Carks...Philly has a sore paw!

"Andy" and Alex

I don't know why they didn't go all the way and switch Zman and Zack making the Bingo Line the 4th line because tonight vs the Habs you know they (Montreal) need a win bad so we shall spend the night in the penalty box and thus have our Bingo Kill Team rested and ready for action and not being on the ice for the phantom calls on themselves. Last game our only goal was ZacK shorthanded!

I wouldn't put two right wingers with Rocco but "Butts" really needs his big full chance...

Against Price ya need your "sharpshooters" so anyone who is holding the puck change 'em out.

Definition of an "old guy"...old glasses-new clock, looking for a better viewing result!

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