Thursday, December 1, 2011

Play 'em all Coach!

Ya got six defencemen ya play six defencemen...25 minutes each for Phillips and Gonchar against a hard hitting/forecheck like Dallas is too much.

Jason wasted the first fifty minutes of the game looking for Filatov.

We'll give #21 a pass tonight but he's got to be harder on the puck.

How often we see a defenceman switch sides and lose his perspective...his shooting lane...#4 first Dallas goal...Andy's stoppin' everything he's seein' so cover the pass and get out of the way they are not going to beat him clean from out there.

Dallas blocks the most shots in the league but they seem to sense when it's not a dangerous shot from well out and let the goalie see and handle it.

That's the first time this year that we got out skated in the 3rd period of a tight game.

I think we still need one more top six forward...that kid from Hull wouldn't look too bad out there in a Senator's heritage sweater.

Playin' these tougher teams Neil and Carkner would have made a difference tonight.

As I'm sure Coach Paul will say that was one we let get away.

Note: Stats guys...29 of 52 draws were taken by Left Wingers for Dallas and they won 59%...Horse Poo...I, an old draw man, scored it about even so it must have been that old score keeper again...57 hits one night none the next???

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