Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Sink or swim!"

Nikita's nose is not broken so will dress but Paul will go to Butts on right wing on the big line if Filatov is lookin' like he needs a night off.

The big question...the DEFENCE pairings...

I'd go with the Swedish Offence #65 and #7 and give 'em lots of ice. The "old boys" (#4/#55) are doing pretty well with lots of rest and #2 with #5 will be fine.

Andy in goal again!

Zack's line ready for Ribeiro.

Jason is fine as long as he has "Cyborg!"

Alfie, 9mm and their new center are ready to really put it together.


  1. Nik:

    Now that Filatov looks like an NHL'er, he might start playing like one! Keep him on the top line with Jason and the Smart Newfie.

    So far, it looks like we had our 2nd line centre all along. Wouldn't be a shame if he has been playing the wrong position all this time?

    Agree with your defence (offence) pairings. Maybe playing with Erik will rub off on David.

    Butts on the fourth line - Knop can feed him pucks.

    Your opinion - with the play of Zach Smith, where does Neil go when he comes back?



  2. JL

    The Daug is the designated "downer" as Neil will take his position #23;#15;#25 also. It will be heart breaking...maybe career breaking!

  3. Nik:

    The Daug doesn't deserve to go down. He's been nothing but good, his line has been clicking, and I think Smith's play is partly because of him (they had great chemistry together in Bingo). The PK will miss him too.

    Maybe a minor trade to clear up a roster spot?