Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The "Money Shot!"

The scoring shot right now in the NHL is the winger going too far, too deep and shooting short side top corner...if the goalie deflects it to the corner ya shoot it off the back of his goal pad (or his "Arse!")

Note: There is more than the odd one going in.

So Nikita, you being a right hand shot going down left wing allows you to hold the puck even longer before going high short side and your shooting angle is twice as good. Last game, you held it a little long but ya still had him down early with lots of room upstairs. Doubtless you have been told this but it's good to think about it again as this play will come to you more often than you think.

Jason the "Big Shooter!" It makes my heart flutter every time you let one go...even that one high off the cross bar. Again as you doubtless have been told if you and Nikita are going to put it together you are/will become the "gunner!"  So it's recognize the shot and take it. You and I both know you are much better at seeing these scoring chances than you are given credit for. As for the too far, too deep one you already take that shot so remind Filatov!

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