Sunday, November 20, 2011

Old Guys!

Jimmy Ralph, the old 67's goalie, another Tranna expert and commentator, says the reason that poor teams like Carolina (and Ottawa) have such a big differential between PPs vs PKs as opposed to good teams like Vancouver and Tranna is because they are behind the play and chasing the puck all the time. This coming from a man, who is fifty years old and should know better having played for Ottawa.

Marty McSorley, the man who clubs Donald Brashire because he was too chicken to fight him, says the Dawg getting boarded from behind was his own fault. Where does Sportsnet find these guys...he has the blinks from one too many concussions and was himself a multiple offender. McSorley, you are wrong and you do not know what you are talking about!

Filip Kuba, it's one too many (and we know you got hit on your bad hand again). One too many give aways in our end. One too many pucks not held in at their blue line. One too many failures to clear during the PP. One too many poke checks where you don't get the puck. One too many opportunities @ 6'4" 230 to smear some guy that is not taken. One too many deflections off of your body into our net.

EriK played like a man with the cold and a flu...or else he was still hung over!

Gonchar is getting very frustrated with himself and with the way the other young guys in the league are treating him.

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