Monday, November 7, 2011

For the money he's makin'...

For the money he's makin' and the skill he's got, with Greening hurt, I'd have David Rundblad playing left wing with Spezza and 9mm. David may have to play 4th line left wing when they put Caspers up there on the first line anyways...

If Alfie cannot return for the road trip "Shanny" should be fired...failure to protect the safety of his players!

Robin makes peanuts in the "Show" let him come up and back up "Andy", the big team needs him...

For all you "Foligno Traders", Nick is playing second line on your big team all by himself and making a pretty fair show of it.

If I was Bryan Murray, I would call in every one of our stick manufacturers and make him personally responsible for the fit, flex, strength and playability of every player, who is playing with his stick on our team. I can tell ya just sitting there with the naked eye, some are too long, some blades are too thin, some of the shafts are too frail, others are too brital (pucks bouncing away)...Come on boys, this is National Hockey League, sharpen up!


  1. Nik:

    According to the Stash, the 'Smart Newfie' is fine. Don't know the Stash's track record on revealing injuries though.

    I think the A is a good place for Robin. Play the lights out of him there. Andy's carried the load before (in Colorado), and Au;d was brought in to back him up. Auld will be gone next year, and Robin and Andy can battle it out - should be a good goalie controversy!

    As for Foligno, I have to disagree. He's not a second line player, and he will never be. He's not a power forward. He's not the best skater. Hands of stone, and no finish. And I'm tired of seeing him skate into the boards at the hash marks, and then want to curl back. That's where he always coughs up the puck. Third liner, with lots of heart, sure, but no more.

    Rundblad had one bad game against the Bruins and he's out. There are other defensemen who are still playing (#17) who have had lots of bad games and have not seen the pressbox. Bryan telling the Stash to play him, so he can trade him at the deadline?

    Nikita back to the A = not given a shot of playing with skill players (which was the big preseason ad). Wonder when thoughts of bolting to the KHL will start happening?


  2. JL

    Agree Alex Auld will pick it on the road when called apon.

    Lee is being road tested and show cased...

    Nick Foligno is much loved by Coach Paul and me...also Alfie believe it or not for punching out Heatley that night in the bar.

    I just hope we don't go completely in the tank...all it takes is a string of WESTERN CALLS and the vets throw in the towel.

  3. Nik:

    I think the road trip will be a good indicator of where the team stands.

    Agreed, I suspect Lee is being showcased. Especially with Carks eventually coming back, and a few suitable call ups from Bingo.

    Good for Nick! Didn't know about what we all collectively wanted to do!


  4. Michael:

    One old yarn has Nick Foligno giving Heatley a pretty good going over and nobody coming to Dan's aid...