Friday, November 18, 2011

Twenty Games!

We are twice as good as the Tranna guys thought and we could be better...

It's time to get Coach Paul to ask Bryan Murray for a second line center...

The other night in Edmonton, Jason for some reason starts to float a little bit in our defensive zone, he's a way too high and leaving Edmonton guys all around and in front of our net completely alone. The second line comes over the boards Alfie and Nick do what they can but DaCOSTA is following Jason's lead and is playing a way too high. Stephane is told to come down low and help out and it makes no difference, he's ineffective. Plus he's like 1 for 16 at the dot so the Oilers have the puck all the time.

The game hung in the balance I thought we were going to lose the game in the opening minutes...

Because Butts had the big game in Calgary, Zach's line couldn't get on for the first 6 -7 shifts and they have become our best defensive forward unit.

So ya got Gryba, who, we don't seem to like but every other team does. Wiercioch, for whom there is a lot of interest. Carkner, who would fit nicely in Edmonton.  Lee, who we are going to regret but it's just numbers here and of course Kuba, what can you say about the "enigma"...Bryan, ya owe us one, pull the trigger...Hemsky, Gagner, Turris...if the guy can chew gum and skate, he can play between Alfie and Foligno right now.

And stop talking about Petr...shoulders ya cannot fix!

Contrary to what Chris Stevenson says, I think we got enough...let's make a run...


  1. So Kuba is the new enigma? He certainly is playing a lot better lately...

    I agree with the need for a 2nd line centre. I've been saying this for years.

    However, it should be a relatively young centre with an ability and commitment to help this team for several years. Not a veteran, free-agent, rental type.

  2. Nik:

    I think if the team keeps rolling along, BM will be less inclined to pull the trigger, unless everyone stays healthy, and the backend gets logjammed. Then again Nik, you always say that you never have enough defencemen.

    I agree with Oman, the need for a 2nd line centre is there, and if BM pulls the trigger, it should be for someone fairly young. I'm starting to doubt Frenchie has the size or the strength to fit the bill, despite his great vision. Smith is a lock at 3rd line, but a stretch at 2nd. The Great Dane's shoulder can't be trusted at this point - unfortunately - he was having a good start to the season.

    I hope we don't go and get Brassard, as other sites have hinted. Enough of the Columbus "gambles".


  3. Nik:

    I retract my last statement. What about Jeff Carter? Too expensive? Give up too much? He's only 26, and we have the cap room. Just a thought ...


  4. Oman/JL:

    Carter reminds me of Heatley but I'd take him in a New York minute!

    Believe it or not Nick Foligno plays wing like a centerman...bring up Filatov, for his last chance, give him to Alfie exclusively, pass or fail...

    Kuba is a mirage...a fooler...too delicate physically and mentally for the bum!

  5. hmm, well, I'll bow to the stronger hockey background but I think we should give Kuba some credit for at least bringing his game back to his standards. He was never a very physical kind of player. So sure, trade him at the point of greatest return but I don't see any value in calling him a bum. With all due respect.

  6. PvR:

    Sorry, #17 promised me so much and produced so little...