Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Attention" Bryan Murray

Bryan, you are sending your loyal Coach Paul into a spectacle, a street fight with one hand tied behind his back and the other guy Bylsma,who is no slouch, has three of the best centers in the league and the last change.

If you were ever going to pull the trigger now is the time...or at least make a move to give Coach Paul some flexibility.

I'd bring up Filatov and play Foligno (nice size) at center with Alfie...Konopka takes his draws in our end.

Note: they are going to play three line hockey with you if they can as they try to get enough ego minutes for Sid, "Geno" and Staal.

Plan "B" is Winchester vs "Geno" but that's a tall order even with Alfie and Nick as his wingers. Spezza gets Staal and Zack will put Crosby in the sack.

EriK has got to cut an inch off his hockey stick, Coach Paul, Alfie and I (I've been talking about it since training camp) we have all told him and give the "Hotshots" a lesson at their own game (puck possession). It cost us two goals the other night.

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