Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Under Reporting!"

Concussion is the most under reported injury in modern medicine today!

But Professional hockey is the worst. Colie Campbell says concussions are down by half to this point in the poo!

Trainers and medics call it...a bruise...a contusion...a scalp laceration...face wounds...whip lash..."Ershytterung"..."Commotion Cyrybrale"...any thing but a CONCUSSION so we don't have to count it.

Note: In everyday medicine they don't like to diagnose it  because they don't know how to treat it...take two aspirin and go to bed for three weeks...

Shanny, if you were being honest, the number should be about double, as any head doctor will tell you awareness has tripled!


  1. Shanahan's initial bravado has dwindled. Now he's nothing more than Campbell Jr. The blind leading the blind. Maybe the next head of discipline or whatever the title is should be Branch. Then we might actually see some justice.

    The NHL is run by a bunch of dinosaurs, and the product we see suffers as a result of it. Maybe when we see this old generation still clinging to power (Bettman, Murray, Sather.. all the old guard) leave, we'll start to see the game head in a better direction.

  2. pg

    Seeing that dinosaur Campbell all over the TV from the GMs meeting just makes my head hurt!