Thursday, November 24, 2011

You cannot win...

In the Show, you cannot win without a "Big Time" goalie; an "All Star" 1st line center; a "Gifted" puck moving defenceman and a first line center playing second line in "Sheep's Clothing!"

Z-bad is starting to look like a super 3rd and may not be here for another year after this one.

Silfverberg is in Sweden.

I think shoulders (Petr) hurt bad many times don't come back. It's a bad wager.

#24 is badly over matched and Nick and Alfie know it and it is having an effect on them.

Winchester is game but is more valuable further down the line up.

Zenon is too slow.

#14 is unavailable.

Condra is a bridge too far...right now.

Brooks Laich plays in Washington.

Sid, Geno and Staal play in Pittsburgh...our next stop.

Foligno (and we love the guy) plays wing like a center but put him at center and he looks like a winger.

Due to some great advice gathered from various sources Bryan, you now have a glut of  young NHL ready cannot develop them all...

Make your move "early"...this season hangs in the balance...

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