Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blame "2006!"

In the 70's ya played a 2-1-2 until late in the game with a lead then you went to a 1-2-2 with the centerman deep and the two wingers still pretty high at their blueline.

In the 80's/90's the Devils and others played a 1-2-2 all the time but it was not the full brought the wingers back and the defence stood up because you could charge and head shoot guys and if the puck carrier got by you your winger just hooked on and water skied him to the corner.

"2006" no more it not a left wing lock but a full lock, it is really a 1-4 "Trap" with the center not even crossing their football it's called a Gap Eight or Goal Line Defence.

And ya know who has figured it out...Detroit Red Wings they use wedge breakers and run illegal picks all over the ice, especially at the opposition blueline and don't get called very often.

So Greg M. don't insult us by calling it a 1-2-2, it's a 1-4 goal line defence as Philly tried to show us...

NOTE: Every game...Watson and Banfield, they sound like two Tranna Dentists...1st period, three (3) straight power plays, two (2) PP goals to give the Leafs a 2-0 lead and a little help up the ladder. Of course St Louis get nuttin in the first...Hitch will be fired up after this one...

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