Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nikita is back!

Option one to start...#21; #28; #16

Option two during the game...#21; #19; #9 with Greening going to 2nd line center.

Option three...double shift Jason...#21; #19; #16

Option four...#21; #71; #11

Do ya get the drift...the DaCosta experiment was done 5-6 games ago, this move was long over due and should have been explored out of Training Camp.


  1. 9/19/14 (still good chemistry)
    21/71/11 (give Foligno a chance until BM trades for a legit 2nd line pivot)
    23/15/22 (these guys also look great)
    28/18/16 (secondary grinding with some upward mobility if/when needed)

  2. Oman:

    I'm with you on this starting line up but Bryan probably told Coach Paul don't fall all over Nikita just yet...4th line him to start.

  3. Don't think Foligno will make too many mistakes or lose too many battles, but I think he's definitely more effecting playing the power forward role off the wing.

    I agree that trading some young D prospect (preferably from Bingo) and maybe a late pick or a grinder for an up and coming scoring/playmaking centre would be a GREAT move for BM to make!

    Eg. Wiercioch, Blood, or Gryba (as they have value) and a 3rd pick or a bottom six roster forward (Winnie, Condra, Butler, DaCosta, or even Regin if he's tradable)... for Turris.

  4. Oman:

    PHX dress 5 centers last night without Turris?

    You are right. We do not seem to like Gryba...but the other scouts covet the guy so OK move him or Wiercioch, a big league puck mover way down in our depth chart...move him...

    Bryan is going to over OK over pay but bring home the bacon...

  5. Nik:

    Turris was suppose to go down to the A for a "conditioning stint", but Maloney says he's in shape, ready to go, and staying with the team on their road trip.

    Sounds like a GM dangling his player.

    If BM decides to go for this guy, he better not sell the farm. Turris hasn't proven anything. He hasn't lasted through an entire season. The kid is still growing into his body. And, like I've said before his numbers are "Reginesque", no more.

    I don't care that he was drafted third, maybe the scouts didn't know what they were doing. Not all first rounders pan out.

    Can you tell I'm not sold on this kid?

    As for our "young" defensemen, there will be two spots open next year. I can see two of Kuba, Carkner, or Lee gone. So I'd be careful who I give away in a trade.


  6. I agree that my suggestion would be overpaying, but sometimes a GM has to do that to fill a critical hole in the lineup. No legit second line centre and you're done in the NHL. The other team throws everything at your first line and if your bottom 6 can't grind out a goal or two, you'll lose every night!

    We have 4 great young, developing D men already in the lineup. I actually REALLY like Wiercioch. With the right development, who knows, maybe he could be the next Duncan Keith. But with the depth the Sens have in young D and the need they have for a second line centre...

    I'd say Wiercioch for Turris would be a good deal for BM (and he'd have to throw in another spare part to make it work). Neither player has proven much in the NHL, but both have upside worth taking a risk on if they could fill a hole in your lineup.

  7. JL

    We got 8 guys up here 3 more in Bingo and Bryan Paul like the tough kid...that's 11 defencemen all NHL ready for 6 spots...

    I'm no sayin' "Sell the farm" but for example Wiercioch is like our puck mover #4 or Gryba turns free agent next year. And...and you know Bryan Paul will do his level best to keep his old guys...

  8. Nick and Oman:

    We have a gaping hole at 2nd line center, agreed. I also agree with Nik that we should try Foligno between Alfie and Filatov. Give it 3 games. If it works, great. If not, BM has to decide if he's waiting for Regin (tread water and hope for the best), or go and get someone.

    Of the names in the rumour mill recently, I prefer Brassard to Turris. More experience, higher upside, and he's from the region (more willing to come here), and with Johansen's play, he's become expendable.

    Of the 3 guys in Bingo, I hope they don't trade Borocop. He would have made the team if it hadn't been for the logjam. His numbers in Bingo have been good, on a mediocre team (+2, 3 pts.)

    Wiercioch and a pick might do it. I don't think they would interested in Gryba at this point.

    Guys that hold out on contracts rub me the wrong way, especially when they haven't proven anything. I remember a guy named Yashin peeving everyone off .... leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

    All this because the team with the best middle threesome in the league showed us up ...


  9. Well not a mind blowing return for Nikita, but not terrible either. Hopefully he adjusts quickly and relaxes a bit. Seemed a bit tight.

    9/71/11 will need to work on chemistry a bit more, but could be a good line.

    Still love the Smith line! Zack had a great game, and I'm quite impressed with the Daug (solid solid player). Greening was great too (big, fast, skilled and feisty).

    And the young D (Karlsson, Cowen and Runblad) were awesome. With Karlsson and Rundblad getting stronger and Gonchar and Kuba still playing pretty well, this D can turn any line into a scoring line.

    Carolina isn't the toughest test, I realize, but if they can get these new lines clicking, and the young D doesn't make too many mistakes, they'll have a chance to win every night.