Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Reasons to trade for Kyle Turris:

the man can play center ice in the National Hockey League

6'1" 190lbs; 22 years old

smart...knows enough that he doesn't want to play in PHX for Dave T.

as much as the prognosticators/commentators (those old knowledgeable pros want to tell you what a bad move he made and how dumb he was (and he didn't/and isn't) he is going to get out of PHX

a 3rd pick overall

will love Coach Paul and thus Bryan Murray

a first string center to play second line in sheep's clothing

imagine if Alfie starts getting the puck in scoring position again

the price is right...a young NHL ready defenceman and a pick (2nd?)

the price is right No. 2...$1.2 actual first year/paid for by one playoff victory.

projection...could one day play with our other 1st round pick #21


  1. Nik:

    His best season (1) stats are "Reginesque". Question is, what do we do with Regin when (if) he comes back?

    The other first rounder you speak of didn't really get a "fair" shake. Would they give Turris a "fair" shake?

    Besides, Murray seems to have learned from prior years - the chemistry in the room seems to be very good. Partly the personnel, partly the Stash. Wonder how Turris is in the room? Is BM willing to mess with his team's chemistry, with a kid that seems to have a big ego.

    Caveat emptor.


  2. JL

    Alfie and Nick have quit on DaCOSTA, he's not there yet.

    Winchester cannot do it.

    It's tough but I don't think Petr's shoulder will even allow him to play out his career in Europe.

    Chemistry occurs when you come in and fill a hole that everyone on the team knows they have.

    Problem...it's too perfect...Tranna or someone like Calgary will over bid for the kid...

    Loading up with first round picks sort of takes the caveat out of emptor, but I get your drift.