Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Clear and present danger!"

A young man out west just died from a puck in the neck...

These concussions, these brain traumas, these serious head shots are nothing to be scoffed at...Shanny, you and Colie Campbell think it's "clever" to delay...to allow the repeat offenders to string it out... to avoid the final sentence/suspension.

Smart falls somewhere between intelligent and clever. Make the smart move and start to take action to protect your players NOW...it's your job!!

Note: The League, Bettman, has got to get Campbell out of this process immediately...he is old news...he's bad news...he's trouble...

Note2: Shanny/Campbell say concussions down by half so far this year...hog wash...the NHL teams in their wisdom, are calling them "Whip lash"or any thing but concussion...Buffalo called Miller's concussion whip lash initially!

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