Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bravado BS!

Who is kidding guys didn't like the look of Filitov in camp...ya didn't give him much of a look...ya sent him down twice...

Who do you guys think you are...65k in the "A" is less than the minimum wage, ya can't live on that...remember he went all through this last year in Columbus, this man is no virgin, he has seen these hard ass North Americans before as they tricked him on his American league contract. He knows ya can't live on that money over here.

Man up, send the boy guys don't want him, you don't know how to retool Russian Forwards for the North American game...we have seen this 3 -4 times before...

Call it new coaching staff, call it new guy incompetence, where no one speaks up, call it failure to recognize skill, in fairness none of our coaches or GMs plural ever had this man's raw talent or were first round draft choices.

As the Russian Puck Daddy says: "Filitov is a salary cap casualty and you are not going to bring up to develop at $2.2 mill when you can let him develop at $65k." Red Army would go as much as a $1 million for their former appreciated International STAR!

Ya lost a legitimate gamble, it's not the end of the world, move on...


  1. It's not over yet Nik, but as soon as this gets into the media it becomes a game of egos and winners and losers, not good for anyone involved.
    The fact is both sides in this have some blame to share. When up on his last stint Filatov wasn't given a chance to play his game, but, he didn't do anything to deserve it, either.
    Right now it's a bit of a Mexican stand-off, do the Sens give in to his demands, and risk polarizing the room, even if he performs, or do they cut him loose and chalk it up to a lost opportunity?
    I really believe it is at least in part, up to Nikki on this. If he busts his hump in Bingo, he will have earned his chance, mitigating the "blackmail" theory as to why he is on the top line, instead making it merit based.
    But if Nikki floats, there is no way management is going to mess with the room just to hope Filatov decides to start playing as hard as he needs to in order to be an impact player in the NHL.
    At the end of the day, as soon as this went public, Filatovs NHL career went from hard to predict to virtually impossible to expect.

  2. Sensay:

    It's Red Army, he was the face of their Junior program. They are building for/to the Olympics in Russia. There is a Million on the table! Nikita is not going to make $2.2 over here next year.

    The smart arse GM, who nailed him with the $65k in the "A" should have his ass kicked. The old smartest guy in the room syndrome...Tuck!

  3. There is something to what you say, but one has to believe that, if Filly really is NHL ready, he would be there. I for one suspect he needs to do more, and will trust BM to manage this situation...really, what else is there to do!
    Let's hope this works out as best as possible, whatever that may be.
    And yes, if someone offered me 1M to do exactly the same thing as I'm doing now, for 65k, I'd be gone in a flash, and so would anyone with an ounce of self-respect and common sense.