Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Irresponsible Shanny!"

Mr. Shanahan, you are the irresponsible one. To brush off Lindy Ruff with your bullsh*t ruling and response to him, how insulting...who do you think you are??? That neanderthal numb skull Colie Campbell.

The stars, Sid and Alfie, are one thing but the "goalies"...

It comes back to the Eric Lindros question: "How many $15 dollar tickets do you have to sell in America to make up for a $50 million dollar franchise player?"

We know you are scared to death of "Big Market" America of which Tranna thinks it's the lead pony but as unusual you guys cut off your nose to spite your face. Boys, the players are the meal ticket, never forget that!

Here is the prediction you don't want to hear, Lucic being allowed to play reckless and dirty will end his career sooner rather than later, he is not a power forward, he is a somewhat skilled, over sized line backer, who is being encouraged to cross the line!


  1. You mean Lucic will end someone else's career?

    There's an ancient truth about a perpetrator not getting punished: they will continue to get worse until something very ugly happens.

  2. Oman:

    Lucic's indiscretions will increase, hurting many, culminating in a disaster ending two careers that could have been averted with a little early "direction" from the Safety Cttee.

    The GMs have got to put up or shut up at the next meeting.