Monday, November 14, 2011

Cheap shot...head shot...dirty shot!!!

"Concussion!" is the most common type of "traumatic" brain injury.


Charging! Goalies are not fair game!

It takes a really tough guy to run over a defenceless goalie.

This was another case of a "Little boy" tantrum...he fumbles the puck after making a good defensive play and he takes it out on the goalie, Miller, who can't believe that Lucic is still coming after the puck is long gone.

Miller should have used the goal stick on him because he knows none of the Sabres are going to take revenge.


Shanny...put your skirt on Alice because you are just Colie's....         Yuck!


  1. Boston wins, Boston wins!

    ...sorry, it's the Stanley Cup finals all over again.

    The corruption in NHL officiating and "player safety" enforcement is sickening at times.

    But at least the Sens beat TO on Saturday despite being out penalized 7-4 (the timing of the calls made the imbalance seem much worse). I was at the game and enjoyed every minute of it - especially the rowdy Sens fan with the Rhodes jersey a couple rows in front of me.

  2. Oman:

    You are a brave man. Every time I went to Hog Town as a young man I got into an altercation!

  3. I even wore my Sens Jersey proudly (there were actually a lot of us).

    I didn't have any real problems, just good natured jabs.

    There was an altercation that involved the police a few rows back though.