Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tough break #13!

It's a tough break for Petr Regin but as I tried to tell ya, once that shoulder goes the second time it's over because even if you do return it drastically effects your play. I had the worst premonition when Petr changed to #13 because I really liked his play, things fell his way in the playoffs and for him to tempt fate like that for nothing. That is why athletes are superstitious.

Coach Paul, you are going to have to roll three and two thirds into four lines so give Butts a couple shifts with "the Shooter" and Nick. Bring Condra down and the "Daug" up to play with Zack, they were the best line against Florida the last time in case you forgot. Z-man and Neil continue to get some PP time...that's if we ever get a man advantage...

7D, I'd play Phillips on the wing, he usta be one (for most of one season) ya know...JOKE!

Tonight, anybody gets a brain dead stick foul gets's the only thing that can beat us tonight!


  1. Nik:

    Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. I always enjoy your blog!

    BTW, any predictions for the World Juniors?


  2. JL

    Merry Christmas!

    Canada is in deep...I'm getting a Swede/Yankee final!