Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Epidemic" says Colie Campbell

Epidemic says Colie Campbell then he says not quite...

Maclean says: "I don't know but ya got 35 guys out!" all starters.

Colie says: "Gregory has had 4 or 5 concussions at every level on the way up but he heals quick and is back each time in a couple of weeks." Colie by my estimates has been concussed at least 4 times during his career. They must have some doozies of a conversation talking about head trauma!

Colie says: "The League (Chris King/multiple concussions) is looking at eight questions, they want answers to." I wonder what they are?

I'm older and played before both these guys. Because I was a hockey/football thing (one each) I got looked at by two doctors, there was politics even then one sport blaming the other but both were unanimous in stating the second concussion is the's damage to the already damaged brain. Remember, this is 45 years ago and everyone was studying the about a poor show when Colie Campbell has to tell ya he hasn't a clue as to what to do...but don't slow the game down and don't suspend the stars...and we can't afford to give 'em more space to play in!

"Call the shots!"..."Call the HEAD SHOTS!"

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  1. Call the head shots of course, but I would also love to see bigger ice! The game could be faster, and yet give them more time/space to see the hit coming.