Saturday, December 10, 2011

Neil too disruptive!

Chris Neil is fine when he just throws that one big clean hit but when he starts to go around like tonight he gets our rookies and Nick trying to imitate him meanwhile the other team is picking their spots and the Refs let them retaliate because they think we're a dirty team.  Neil hurt us tonight.

Chris Phillips, once a game, loses his shooting lane, screens his goalie and lets the guy score from well out.

DEFENCEMEN are supposed to move the guy away from your goalie not into the crease and on top of your man. If you have no angle leave him alone until you can work your way back in front of him. Keep yourself between him and the puck.

Zack is not the same with out "Daug" put those guys back together, pronto...

Hate it when Jason gets tired and his brain shuts down. I think #19 got tired about 3 games ago.

"Karl" is playing a way too excuse...Coaching group think error...

Alfie cannot take those dirty shots much longer...

Jared does not deserve "Karl" right now give him a break he's having enough trouble carrying his own load...

Tough game Nick...

Our PP is shot...break it down and start over...keep the puck down low for a few...

Love it when the Zebra decide they are going to teach us a lesson and ruin the friggin' game...

Andy was just OK...

Rundblad does not recognized when to stay, when to pinch or when to fairness this is a whole new game for him.

Where was Carks...


  1. Watch the replay again on that point shot goal... Phillips was trying to get the forward out of the way and winchester jumped out of the shooting lane when he had a clear block.

    Not saying phillips had a super game but that goal was all winchester...

  2. I'm at a loss re. the first line these days... Gotta feel for Spezza. I know what it's like when you've been given nothing to work with. I can only imagine what it's like when you're a top line centre...

    Since it doen't look like the Bryan can pull another top 6 winger out of thin air, I say try 9/19/14 again.

    9/19/14 (this worked great earlier in the season)
    71/13/11 (should be fine if Regin is good to go)
    23/15/22 (get that chemistry back)
    28/18/25 ("role players" + demotion for dumb penalties)

    2/4 (shut down)
    5/65 (scoring/heart attack style D-zone coverage)
    7/39 (in training/recovery)

  3. or

    2/4 (shut down)
    65/39 (scoring+size and muscle)
    5/7 (scary as shit, but good upside, lower minutes)

  4. Anon:

    Not so sure...big Number 4 backs in directly on Andy to the point where the goalie leaves the goal to have a look.

  5. Oman:

    I ain't quitin' yet but we need someone for Jason and 9mm...pronto!

    #7 is so natural, but he has no feel for when to stay, when to pinch and most importantly when to's like golf ya can't teach "feel!" But you can give him some "keys!"