Friday, December 23, 2011

A point for "Andy!"

Tired, I have never seen a team so tired!

Nice game Andy, you were terrific.

I'm sure they heat up the ice and the puck there...bush league.

Jason needs 9mm's energy and ability to back off their defence @ the offensive blue line.

Alfie will go back to helping Foligno and Turris will think he's just gone to heaven.

Like I always say: "Ya know you're in trouble when Kuba is your best DEFENCEMAN!" Nice game Fillip.

We all love Chris Neil but he and Zack have no chemistry. #25 cannot handle the puck well enough. Paul if you want secondary scoring, break 'em up!

If nothing else the Daug will improve the 4th line to the point of checking any of the opponents best lines. Zman is better than you think...

The verdict is still out on Butts??

Right now until we need the heavy artillery, I would play Lee.









Let's get the Habs when they are down, they would do the same for us.

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