Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where's Gonchar!

Great win...keeps us in touch...

We need Gonchar immediately...he keeps Phillips in check and thinking...he puts #7 in the press box to get yet another look, another "feel" for the North American game.

Jared clutch goal, we were beginning to doubt EriK!

9mm, leading the league in scoring, this is no time to get hurt now??

Andy, will you ever figure your defencemen out, they're tough, ya must be on the alert at all times...

Zack and Condra deserve the "Daug", Chris Neil just doesn't handle the puck well enough to play with these guys...

"Cy" had a heck of a game, 9 shots, goin' every shift, won the dust up, shoulda had one...

Jason better...

Alfie get some rest you get Jason and "Cy" again tomorrow...

Carkner and Cowen no Chara let's give the Bruins a little of their own medicine!


  1. Nik:

    #7, as much as I like this kid, hasn't figured out that the "cutesy" plays he made in the SEL won't work here: the pace of play is alot faster. Even Hugo's babysitter still gets caught too often!

    Talking about Hugo's babysitter, maybe he should hit the opponents a little more often, instead of our top scorer! (Just kidding - I know it was an accident).

    I hope Neil on that line isn't a "political" thing. Notice that Zack's production hasn't been the same since Daug got demoted to the fourth line. They even wrote an article about those three. If it ain't broke ...

    The "Smart Newfie" has hopefully figured out that, with his size and strength, there aren't too many defensemen who will stop him from going to the net if he puts his mind to it. Keep it up!

    Jared just keeps getting better! Where are all the "we should have taken Kadri instead" people now?


  2. JL

    I think 9mm opened up at the last second and took the brunt of EriK's blow...it looked like lower body both ways but both heads got whip lashed...that could have been bad for EriK.