Monday, December 26, 2011

Kyle Turris...

Kyle Turris was my xmas present and I like the gift very much...

Now for my birthday I would like a healthy and energized 9mm...

Alfie making the second line into Line One A...

That Zack gets his Bingo boys, #23 and #22 back with him again, it really is the most potent offensive configuration for a third line we kinda got lost in the xmas shopping...

Chris Neil is a forth line/PP specialist because when his ice time is limited he throws only the big legal hits but has lots of energy for the net front on the PP...

And we could always use a forty goal scoring left winger...maybe next year?

Note to Coach Paul...SENs fans and I love to hear about how much you skate them...they usta say it was good for the "Old"'s good for the young guys too!

"Cy"; Rocco; 9mm

"Geno"; the "Shooter"; Alfie

"Cons"; ZacK; "Daug"

Butts; Zman; Neiler

#17; #65

#2; #55

#4; #39/#5

"Andy" and Alex


  1. how about healthy shoulder for the dane ?:)

  2. Petr will have to take his bum shoulder and #13 to Europe, I don't know why he is procrastinating on surgery. It's truly a tough hockey story for a good guy...

  3. I don't pretend to know much about shoulders. Didn't peter have the surgery before ? Is surgery a sure thing ?