Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We just don't have enough!

Pure offence we just don't have enough. "Cy" should have 20 goals by now.

Phillips is slipping, we're breaking it out like the Detroit Red Wings and Chris starts rifling break out passes everywhere but to our own guys then he swerves to the Boards to give Peverley, a right hander, the open shot right down the middle from 22 feet out.

Andy has got have that one...early ball buster...

Butts doesn't know how to play together with two other good offensive players if you don't want the Daug to play with Zack give him a shot with Foligno and Regin.

If the back up goalie struggles vs Pittsburgh I think it's time to bring the kid up just to give Andy a breather he is completely "vulcanized!"

Jason and Alfie are terrific together but only in short bursts. Alfie is burning bone marrow!

I think #7 wouldn't mind going down to Bingo just to get out of here for 20 games or so.


  1. I'll give Phillips a pass on that one, he was too busy coaching to notice he had skated past the dots, giving up the centre lane drive. He's been solid this year, considering.
    As for Andy, yeah, a few goals that, although not "bad", were save-able, and would have made a big difference.
    Ultimately this team beat itself, giving up too many 2-1's and break-aways, under little or no pressure.
    The good news was they looked "close", at times even dominating the Bruins, and for a club with key injuries, in a rebuild, what more can you really ask for?

  2. Nik:

    You're right. We don't have enough. But we knew that at the beginning of the year.
    #4 was grossly out of position on that first goal - not sure Andy could have stopped that one - pretty good shot. Hard to fault Andy when he's left out to dry so much.
    Not sure Robin "the Hunter" Lehner is the solution in nets right now either. He's not been burning up the A exactly. We need to draft another top quality goalie just to keep him honest!
    Alfie running on will and experience - not sure how much is left in that 39 year old body - he's slowing down.
    Agree that Bladerunner should do a Bingo stint a la Erik once #55 or #17 come back. Never too many defencemen eh?


  3. GN:

    When ya get older especially if you have been the rock solid steady type player and you feel it slipping a little bit the tendency is to start to try and do every thing quicker...faster and of course this throws your timing off...I think the "Big Rig" is a classic example of this. It didn't happen over night the game just got quicker on him...and Gonchar...and Kuba...

  4. JL

    Haven't given up on Andy but we have to get him a break. They showed him in the "Room" before the game last night he's got that far away look in his eye...seein' that much rubber every night takes the competitive edge off a guy...he couldn't even move late in the game.