Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 on 5!

Good win! Could have been disaster...

Tough one Jesse...concussion...that's one where the new "experimental"  Bauer suspension helmet may have helped a little, it has some give up top. I had one save me forty-five years ago, a Riddel concussion suspension hockey helmet, it's nice to see the NHL speed up their research in this area.

5 on 5; Jason needs 9mm to back off  their defence at the offensive blue line.

Alfie will turn on seven and seven-one! Front line players all, playing on the second line...

Put the Bingo line back together, call 'em the forth line if you have to ...

Neil and Regin still have enough chemistry left to play together on their own line with out Zack...

Jason is starting to talk to "Karl" on the ice and they are not talking offense  and it is a one way conversation...

Just leave "Andy" alone, he gets it...that was as tough a twenty-two shot night as you are going to get...with our "D" ya have to be ready all the time...

They like #17 and #65 together I don't (not enough presence in front of our net) I like #2 and #65 together.


  1. Nik:

    Agreed about Milan; he slides up with Jason, Alfie slides down with Kyle.

    Talking about Kyle, a good first game. That hard wrist shot as advertised on Condra's first goal. What impressed me about his game was his backchecking - it created a few giveaways for us!


  2. 2 and 65 are obviously the future top pair... after Kuba and Gonch are traded at the deadline for 2nd rounders!

    9/19/14 (Get better soon Mich!)
    71/7/11 (Could be an awesome mix of skill, power, speed, and experience)
    23/15/22 (Bring back the Bingo line!)
    28/13/25 (Regin and Neil are in rehab anyway)

  3. Butler to Bingo! I understand he's not waiver eligible. Sitting on the bench won't help his development. Needs to get stronger and more confident so he can get back into scoring situations.

  4. Erik the Viking is gonna need Cowen to save his ass back at the blue line while he gets the credit for all those pretty goals. I hope he pays for Jared's dinner.

  5. JL

    Miller didn't like it but Kyle throat shot him, made him jump, it hit him like a high calibre bullet and he got his own rebound.

    Very impressed!

  6. Oman:

    You and I have basically agreed on these lines since square one.

    Butler, can't go down so if he asks for a trade we may have to wave him...pretty drastic but...

  7. Michael:

    That's the first time I've ever seen anyone talk to "Karl" directly about one of his poorer decisions (give aways) and Jason was really barking at him right on the ice. Well done! Spez.

  8. Gentlemen:

    I read somewhere that Butler could be sent down to Bingo since he hasn't played 100 NHL games (a few short), or hasn't been in the league 3 years (though my memory fails me at times).

    It might not matter with Winnie being "concussed". I'm sure Shanny will call it a "hockey play". It is Ottawa after all ...


  9. I'm not sure about JL's numbers (I seem to think it is 70 games) but I read somewhere too that Butts hasn't played enough to have waiver problems.

  10. JL

    Butts gets the next game. He's not checker and there is no room in our top six. He should go to Bingo and see if he can attract some attention from somebody else! He makes a lot of money in the show? He will make a lot of money in the "A".

  11. Yeah, I'm sure I've ready Butts can go down to Bingo too. That doesn't mean it's true though...

    I agree with the points on Turris. I just saw the replays on game center and saw him back checking hard, as well as playing hard in offensive end.

    That goal he created for Condra was the product of at least 3 consecutive, ferocious efforts. Looked a bit lucky, but you have to be really good and working/driving hard to get many of those kind of bounces.

  12. Oman:

    Alfie and Turris are going to teach/show Nick Foligno the final to play disiplined defence creatively. It's always been Alfie's halmark and it looks like Kyle "gets it" also. Don't get me wrong I think Nicks goin' good out there but he does expend a lot of energy in vain some shifts...