Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Guessing "Borocop" first call up!

Coach Paul will most likely ask for Mark Borowiecki...but Ottawa might be told to call on Patrick Wiercioch, the Merit Principle. My favourite is 6'4" 225lbs Eric Gryba, who cannot catch a break with this organization and will probably be moving on if the "Status Quo" remains in place!

There is no rush for Winchester, the "Daug" has Bingo karma going for him. Ya don't change a winner if you don't have to.

"Andy" just out played the best goalie in the game tonight.

We have got to find some extra duties for "Karl"...34 minutes and he is not even breathing hard! Then again we could just go with 5 D and play #65 for forty minutes.

If there is one thing that Coach Paul can start a rant @ Wednesday's practice is this "Good ole boys" pass the puck to your bud when you are staring at the best scoring chance of the night...shoot the puck on the net!

Butts is starting to get himself in position to score...the big shooters will tell you it's only a matter of time.


  1. 9/19/11 <-- Solid, Dependable, Elite.
    71/7/16 <-- Youthful enthusiasm, skill, scoring and some grit (worth a shot).
    14/15/22 <-- Zack between these two wingers could be deadly
    23/28/25 <-- Run amuck line (aka Dum, Dummer, and the Dog... with all due respect.)

    65/17 <-- Seem ok together (a bit scary at times)
    2/5 <-- Hold your breath!
    39/BoroCop <-- 2ndary shut down.

  2. Note: for the first time in forever it seems we have 4 natural left wingers and natural 1,2,3,4 centers (never a shortage of right wingers).

  3. (Swap 28 and 18 depending on health etc.)

  4. Oman:

    I like the forward lines, anything to keep "Daug" in the line up and Butler off the 4th line.

    After a rockie start Jared and Lee settled down nicely last game.

    Carks is lookin' for a half step but his ruffness is needed. I guess Borocop is the call!

  5. Nik:

    Purely based on stats (I don't know what assignments each player gets), I would imagine it would be Borocop being called up (especially if he's replacing Phillips).

    Borocop - 11 pts. +1
    Gryba - 7 pts. -7
    Wiercioch - 12 pts. -8

    Given Borocop is a PLUS on the second worst goals against in the Eastern AHL, he must be responsible defensively!

    As for line combinations, Oman would be a good "coach".


    P.S. You can't teach this "never give up" attitude - the Bingo guys learned that when they became Champs!

  6. Oman:

    You know your hockey my friend!


  7. JL

    We have made the first round of the playoffs, could the Robocop be the answer to the second round spelling the old guys down the stretch playing with Cowen in a strangle hold shut down pair?

  8. Wiercioch is out long term after taking a puck in the neck, so, if anyone, it will be Boro.
    I like JC2 with EK65, personally.

  9. Thanks JL. I love the strategic thinking behind team building.

    I'm a pretty bad hockey player though (a floater with a knack for garbage goals and the odd one timer or deflection).

    Lacking the hockey cred and connections, I think I'll stick to armchair coaching.

    ...though I do hope the coaching staff is reading these blogs.

  10. Nik and Gerald: I like Cowen and Karlsson pretty much anywhere. They are still having the odd brain fart, but man they are getting good fast. Methinks they will be quite the elite duo for the Sens for years.

    Great drafting by BM! Cream of the crop.

  11. Bad players make the best coaches because nothing to them is natural, it is all work.

  12. Good point Michael. Guess that's why I'm a teacher... :P