Monday, January 9, 2012

Hope the Whites are "real" clean!

Congrats boys, you guys are starting to believe...I was one of the very few that never had doubt. "Andy" only goalies know how tough you really are!

We are going to have to play our cleanest road game of the season against the broken Penguins. They already get 15 more and 38 less for an advantage of almost two full games over half a season. Some say well it's only 4 you know how big four points are going to be? Mario needs a win bad for the home town fans so I'd practice the PK not the PP tomorrow.

Notice how in every case that even though you pass the baseline testing and you are cleared to play it takes 4-5-6 games to get back up to speed...think about it...Alfie...9mm...even Gonch and now Chris Phillips...I don't think he should even be out there right now trying to play through it. These guys, these valuable assets, are/were very vulnerable to great injury, greater trauma.

So forget all the League and leadership (BOG) bullsh&t, Bryan start holding them out until they are ready...that goes for Winchester, there is no need to rush him back. Look at Sid...and that big "intentional" clown in Tranna should get life with no parole! That "Goof" that hit Alfie knew exactly what he was doing!


  1. Rangers game should be interesting, another PK celebration brought by our friends in the big city. I suspect at least one shorty over those two games, most likely at MSG.

  2. Michael:

    Totally agree. Zack or the Daug, maybe Cons with a big even sobers the Zebra!