Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Yorkie" you're all washed up!

Have seen York come and go. He must have sleep walked with blinkers on through out his entire career. Some of the opinions and thoughts on the game that Jason, Chum and Brian Burke try to foist on the every day fan are just plain "crazy" and the fact that they have two-thirds of the fans, players and insiders believing them is sad..."VERY SAD!"

Wake up, boys...Chris Phillips got bumped four (4) count 'em for 9mm and he's a human tank.
Alfie can work through the groin and his back but that gutless head shot out of nowhere knocking you senseless...who needs it?

Thought for the day...the second shot is damage to the "already" damaged brain...your brain doesn't heal that fast...I know and it was admitted to me by the doctor!


  1. He's been given a story to follow and he's getting paid to stick with it.

  2. Michael:

    Yes and Galley and Chum...But York is teaching his son and possibly my Grandson...the bullsh&t has to stop.

    For years have watched the kids in the school yard play rough, no pads, no supervision...murder ball, red rover etc, no one gets hurt. Then, they put on the armour and play hockey and it's getting worse every year.