Saturday, January 7, 2012

"We was robbed!"

The ZEBRA management of the momentum swings of this game was orchestrated like an impresario!

I think the Philly fans still intimidate the Refs.

Pronger's legacy...teaching these punks to act and play like cheatin', chirpin', dirty little rats!

This was a classic example of...if you commit an infraction on every play, they cannot call 'em all.

How do these thugs, these bullies, get 36 minutes of PP time more than us?

Chris Phillips, when you make a mistake you have to correct it...Paul, he is not a 4 on 4 player anymore!

"Karl" is not at his absolute best in afternoon games and he still got two assists?

When Butts scores and Neil is going past the puck looking for the big hit...switch 'em up!

#19 and #14 have lost their connection, Jason expects too much on defence from Colin and then ignores him on offense.

Coach Paul, the TMMOTI PENALTY, is on you, SIR...start grabbing sweaters and holding guys on the bench...

Andy, we do it all over again tomorrow!

Note: Old Goal Tender axiom..."If ya don't know where it is don't move and open yourself up!"


  1. Some strange calls I agree . . . I was surprised when we got a PP and then a 5 on 3. I guess they can't ignore everything.

    However, TMMOTI calls and all, I didn't assume we would come out of Philly with a point. Even with the mistakes, which I expected to a certain degree given the experience level, our team gets points (and often wins).

    Entertaining? More than I expected.

  2. PvR:

    We're gettin' better, the couple times when we really started to skate them into the ice the ZEBRA got the eraser out.

    The other team's Big Centers don't like our version of the triple get rid of Spezza and you get get rid of Turris and you get trap our fourth line out there and they check you into the ice.

  3. The ZEBRAs won't be at tomorrow's game. Looking at 3 points out of four.