Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let's Nitpick!

Great game boys, Alfie, Andy, Jason, Kyle et al!

But the Coaching...Jason killing two minutes of PK when we have the best in League on the bench (fresh) and Spezza is now playing every minute of the power play. What is Jason (25 minutes), 9mm (25 minutes) and Karl (30 minutes) doing out there in the dying seconds of the game...did we not already try and discard this idea earlier on in the season. (Make the same play over and over looking for a different result). It's bad coaching gentlemen, when you have Zack, Kyle and Z-man as your other centers. We all know "Karl" is a super star but the other guys know how to attack him late in the game, they box him out of his own box offensively or trap him in the corner. If there was one guy who should have been on the ice it was "Carks" standing on guard for "Andy" in front of our net. Have none of you ever tried to jam a late goal past a huge, ugly defenceman? Foligno is our best checker with out the puck in all three zones...he should have been out there.

Elite coaches don't make these kinds of "Ego" mistakes. Jason does not have to be stroked his confidence level is just fine. Montreal should not have got a point out of this one.


  1. True enough and had the lads played the first or second period the same as the third we wouldn't have been worrying about a late goal. However we know that there will be other games where your thoughts will be a factor.

  2. PVR:

    Don't get me wrong I like our coaches but they too must progess with our very good team!

  3. I'm wondering if big bald Alex Auld gets the start tonight.

  4. Michael:

    It would appear Alex is in the "Deep Freeze!"

  5. Have to agree with you on this one Nik!